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Current Job Openings:

Software Programmer (Freelance)

Programmer Job Purpose: Creates and modifies computer programs by converting project requirements into code, key role in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.

Job Duties:

  • Tasks vary according to projects but may typically involve
  • Expertise in current computer hardware and software
  • Ability to use various development language (, Javascript, JQuery, C++, PHP, HTML, etc.)
  • Reviewing current systems
  • Presenting ideas for system improvements, including cost proposals
  • Working closely with analysts, designers and staff to review program objective, input data, and output requirements with analyst, supervisor, and client.
  • Arranges project requirements in programming sequence by analyzing requirements; preparing a work flow chart and diagram using knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, programming language, and logic.
  • Producing detailed specifications and writing the program codes by converting work flow information into computer language.
  • Testing and confirming the program by conducting tests; modifying program sequence and/or codes, in real situations before going live.
  • Preparation of training manuals for users
  • Maintains historical records by documenting program development and revisions.
  • Maintaining the systems once they are up and running
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Key skills

  • Strong communication skills
  • Eye for detail and identifying problems
  • An understanding of business
  • Analytical and commercial experience

Skills/Qualifications: General Programming Skills, Analyzing Information , Problem Solving, Software Algorithm Design, Software Performance Tuning, Attention to Detail, Software Design, Software Debugging, Software Development Fundamentals, Software Documentation, Software Testing